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GHEbavaria Maschinen GmbH provides machines and plants for bending solid wood, ssteamer plants for softening wood and further applications, solar heat process plants, tracker for photovoltaics (PV, CPV), briquuetting presses for wooden chips or waste and some spare parts for the agricultural machines that we have stopped producing in 2000.

While from the beginning of our company in 1870 for more than 100 years, our agricultural machines were well established in the national market, today our Solid Wood Bending Plants are used on all continents of the world.

Our briquetting presses continue to prove their ability in waste compacting in the wodworking and other industries. They are designed  for 24 / 365 operation, work without adhesive agentsand can be adapted to numerous materials.

At the beginning intended as a supplement to our steamer plants, we find out more and more that our Solar Process Heat Plants can secure a considerable ammount of savings while supporting heat processes in the industry over a long period in time.