Compactor BP 60

The GHEbavaria- Compactor BP 60 is a mechanical operated crank press to compress milling & sawing chips, straw or numerous waste materials to reduce waste volume. Briquettes from wooden chips can be sold e.g. as fuel for the open fire at home.

The particular advantages of a mechanical crank press compared to hydraulic machines are quite obvious: after reaching operating temperature, a crank press doed not heat-up anymore, while a hydraulic machine needs additional equipment to work for a longer time. Because of the fly-wheel and the cinematics of the piston rod much higher pressures can be reached compared to a hydraulic machine, too. The disadvantage of a crank press are higher investment costs, but these are easily saved with the maintenance bill over a short period of time.

The basic design of the GHEbavaria- Compactor BP 60 dates back to approximately 40 years. During this time frame, the press was continuously improved and has reached a high degree of technical maturity. Today, the machine is mainly used in industrial applications, where a robust and reliable machine for 24/365 service is required. Usually, a maintenance job is required after 2.000 operating hours (depending on pressed materials) and can be done within 2- 3 hrs.

Briquet Press BP 60 - Technical Data

Piston-Ø 60 mm
Stroke 120 mm
Drive Motor* 15 ... 30 kW
Flywheel-Ø 1.200 mm
* depending on material