A nice example of our skills is our numerical controlled double axis tracker system. It works that accurate that it can be used with CPV modules. The requirement for CPV is a walking abnormality of less than +/- 0.3°, that is easily met by our precision design and construction. Other designers use sun position sensors, however they are sensitive towards stain.

We offer the double axis trackers in various sizes up to 80 m² modular surface for CPV and PV modules. Local production is possible for projects as of a certain scale.

The single axis tracker is designed as a rotating building. It can be installed on the ground or as a rotating roof. Since there are no beams or drive elements inside, these buildings can be used as a storage building. If used on a farm, it can be used e.g. as a storage for a harvester.

Certainly, it is possible to use it as a versatile rotating platform, e.g. as seen here for constructing a research building on top, as seen at a research institute in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Even here the trackers are installed on top of a building- former ammunition bunkers were used for conversion areas.