Rubima Series

The Name Rubima stands for a range of Solid Wood Bending Machines that can produce bendings of more than 360° in a single plane. In this way, round or oval seat frames for chairs or solid edge bands for round table tops can be bent the same way than long horn-shaped runners for sleighs or runners for the so called “Grazer” design.

Depending on design and type of application, Rubima- types can be equipped with either pneumatic or hydraulic longitudinal clamping.  A variable operating speed is optional as well as a steel plate conveyor instead of a fixed back. Depending on customer specification, the machine comes for work-pieces between 2.0 and 3.5 m maximum length.

All Rubima types are versatile, long term approved Solid Wood Bending Machines that are widely used for the production of long horn-shaped runners for sleidges and round seat-frames for chairs. Because of their kinematics, a bending cycle takes a little more time than a cycle on a Stuzama type.