Stuzama FG

The Stuzama FGis a versatile solid wood bending machine for open, symmetrical and asymmetrical bending in a single plane for work-pieces up to 1,600 mm total length and 35 mm maximum thickness in a new user-friendly innovative and budget- sensitive design, requiring low maintenance. Quick and easy loading  as well as taking work-pieces out from the machine by overhung model shaft (open front side).

The centre pressing as well as the longitudinal clamping switch in automatically. When reaching the bending end position, the operations stops independently for both sides. Semi- automatic return of the bending arms to base position.

The Stuzama FG is tailored for the production of symmetrical and asymmetrical chair parts without counter-bending up to a maximum thickness of 35 mm and a maximum length of 1,600 mm. Compared to a Stuzama II, there are no further restrictions.