Stuzama II

Stuzama II – the high performance multi-purpose solid wood bending machine for open, symmetrical and asymmetrical bending in a single plane in renewed state-of-the-art, user-friendly, rugged design. Easy to operate, requiring low maintenance. Service-proven worldwide thanks to tensioning bands system for the bending beams. Selectable bending speed, automatic longitudinal pressing and independently adjustable limit switches at touch screen operator panel as extended standard equipment.

The machine is driven by two independent geared brake motors. The centre press and the longitudinal pressing switch in automatically. When reaching the end position, the machine stops on that side. Straightforward return of the opened bending beams even for large bending angles.

The easy adjustment of the bending length and the smooth mould-change allow a quick retooling.

Various options such as increased load specification for thick parts up to 80 mm, extended parts length up to 2.500 mm, automatic down-clamps / reverse-bending or light fence are available.